Sunday, June 13, 2010

Young Chefs at Città del Gusto

Over the past few months, Città del Gusto in Bagnoli has become like a second home. I’ve attended various wine tastings there and I’ve also been following their cooking class schedule. I’ve been looking for the right one and last week I found it. A Mommy (or Daddy) –Child cooking class. An great opportunity to spend time with my 9 year old son David.

We arrived on time and were given our ‘Città del Gusto aprons’. Our instructor for the evening was Salvatore Esposito…a chef with loads of patience and a grande talent to motivate a class of 6 aspiring chefs (ages ranging from 4 to 9) and their parents. Our task for the evening? I dolci!!! 

Two recipies:
1) Graffette e Bombette al Forno ( Donuts and ‘Bombs’ baked in the oven)
2) Delizie di Sfloglie (Treats made with Pasta Sfoglia)

This particular evening was a real mommy moment. I stepped back and let David take over. The instructions were presented in a manner fatto per bambini (made for kids). From mixing the ingredients, rolling it out, cutting and shaping, adding the toppings. All David. It was great to see how the kids even helped each other out….

Then the moment of truth. Each mini-chef got to try their goods. The verdict? Eccellente!!!

The complete schedule of Città del Gusto cooking classes is available on their web site. The lessons are given in Italian, but trust me, food is a universal language. You won’t have any problems, only a good time!

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