Wednesday, June 2, 2010

When Taurasi Calls---Anteprima Irpinia, June 5-6 2010

Taurasi 2006, Fiano di Avellino 2009, and Greco di Tufo 2009.

These are the players this weekend for an unique opportunity to try wines from 31 wineries from Iripina.

Amarano (Montemarano), Antica Hirpinia (Taurasi), Antico Castello (San Mango sul Calore), Bambinuto (Santa Paolina), Boccella (Castelfranci), Cantina dei Monaci (Santa Paolina), Colle di San Domenico (Chiusano San Domenico), Contrade di Taurasi (Taurasi), D’Antiche Terre (Manocalzati), Di Prisco (Fontanarosa), Donnachiara (Montefalcione), Elmi (Montemarano), F.lli Urciuolo (Forino), Feudi di San Gregorio (Sorbo Serpico), I Capitani (Torre Le Nocelle), Il Cancelliere (Montemarano), Joaquin (Montefalcione), La Molara (Luogosano), Le Otto Terre (Tufo), Mastroberardino (Atripalda), Molettieri Salvatore (Montemarano), Picariello Ciro (Summonte), Rocca del Principe (Lapio), Russo (Sant’Angelo all’Esca), Tenuta del Cavalier Pepe (Luogosano), Tenuta Ponte (Luogosano), Terranera (Grottolella), Terredora (Montefusco), Vadiaperti (Montefredane), Villa Diamante (Montefredane), Villa Raiano (San Michele di Serino).

All available to show you what they've got.  Here is the program:  From 1700 to 2200 on Saturday, wine tasting tables will be set up in the courtyard of the Castello Marchionale in Taurasi's centro storico..  Sunday, the program begins at 1100 and continues until 1900.  The catch is, you neeed to reserve, and you can do this by emailing the one of the following adresses.  or
For more info, check out the site:

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  1. Karen, Looks like a great time! Sorry I have been unavailable for your trips and plans. I am heading to the States again, so I will miss more summer fun. But, I still love reading your blog! Cynthia (Cinzia, too)