Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rosé Skies at Night---Terre del Principe presents their Roseto del Volture

Un cielo sereno...that is what we were greeted with. The 40 or so wine lovers who came out on the 22nd of June to Roof in Sky in Bacoli. The occasion was to try Roseto del Volturno, the newest creation from Terre del Principe. On hand was Manuela Piancastelli (winery owner) and Fabrizio Erbaggio (Ais Napoli, Ciao Vino).

We tasted Manuela’s wine while enjoying her antipasto, tortina di baccala. A perfect match for this rosé. This blend of Pallagrello Nero and Cassavecchia.  Many were struck at first by the color, a color that reminds Manuela of the blush her grandmother would use on her cheekbones. We noticed its delicate aromas, and then impressed by its balance, its structure, is sapidity.

Throughout the evening, this wine flowed, accompanied by Michele Grande’s menu of Stoccafisso alla Pizzaiola,Parmigiana di Pesce Bandiera, Zuppetta di Seppie e Cicerchie Flegree, and Anguriata. Roof and Sky’s captain took us on a mini tour of the lake as well.

Refreshing…relaxing are two words that describe perfectly our evening. One where we were able to lean back, unwind on the couch, and chat about this beautiful rosé with friends old and new.

Una serata serena…

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