Sunday, June 5, 2016

Il Roccococco, Chef Pasquale Palamaro, Indaco Ristorante, Ischia (Na)

It's been awhile since I've been to Ischia, so maybe that is one of the reasons why I was happy to see Michelin starred Chef Pasquale Palamaro - Executive chef of Indaco Ristorante at Festa a Vico earlier this week. After a quick chat, Palamaro invited me to swing by his table for un dolce.
So, there I stood a couple of hours later waiting patiently in the crowd to see what Palamaro had brought with him from the Isola Verde.

Here's what the chef had to say about his dish...

Il piatto prende vita dalla storia gastronomica napoletana , che io per via della stagionalità non posso mai proporre che è il rococò napoletano.  Quindi nasce Il Roccococco, un roccoco in due consistenze crambol e mousse in abbinamento con il cocco ed un gel di kumquat poi facendo riferimento sempre al mio stile di cucina il ( illusione  ottica ) 
Ho riprodotto il cocco spezzato che si vende sulla spiaggia  in un cremosissimo mordente.

The dish gets its life from  Neapolitan culinary history, which because of tits seasonal nature, I can never propose it as Neapolitan Roccoco.
So  Roccococco was born , a roccoco  in two consistencies; crumble  and mousse in combination with coconut and a kumquat gel referring always to my style of cooking (an optical illusion).

I reproduce the coconut  broken as seen sold on the beach in a creamy bite.

It looks ( and tastes) like its time for a trip  to Ischia!

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