Thursday, June 30, 2016

An Octopus Goes to Sea, Chef Alfonso Caputo, Taverna Del Capitano, Marina Del Cantone (Na)

I arrived a little early for lunch, like I usually do, to try to get a sneak peek at what Chef Alfonso Caputo might send my way.  But Caputo, Taverna del Capitano, is always full of surprises.  Like this dish - An Octopus Goes to Sea.
A boiled octopus gingerly wrapped in the chef's own homemade dried pasta, then tenderly fried.
A zuppa starring a blend of squid ink and octopus juices given off during the cooking process.
And if you look closely enough, I'm sure you can see tiny tiny pieces of octopus splashing around in the sea.
Look closer...
Or better yet, pay the chef a visit.

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