Sunday, August 3, 2014

An #evusummer - Ristorante Evu - Vietri Sul Mare (Sa)

July 2014 wasn't one of the sunniest ones in Campania and after nearly a month of unpredictable weather, I decided it was time for some vibrant colors, fun and divertimento.  I decided to head to Vietri Sul Mare ( Sa).  Vietri Sul Mare is known world wide for their colorful ceramics.  A must hit tourist spot for visitors who want to hit the Amalfi Coast for a little sunshine, shopping, and sightseeing.
My destination that afternoon was a little restaurant in a little side street in  the pedestrian zone called Ristorante Evu.  Here I was greated by Anna Borriello, Riccardo Faggiano, Michele De Martino and the rest of the staff who I knew would make my few hours in Vietri a mini vactation. 
Evu is famous for the appetizers so while Chef De Martino headed off to the kitchen to whip up a few, Faggiano and I talked about which Campania white wine would hang out with me that afternoon.  He brought me a fresh crisp Campanaro Irpinia Bianco 2012 from Feudi di San Gregorio.  A bend of Fiano and Greco grapes.  

Then the show began...
A shrimp and ricotta 'popsicle' with a sweet and sour sauce on the side.

Evu's version of a classic octopus and potato salad.  Chef De Martino adds a variety of homemade mayonnaise to include one made with carrots, one with beets, and my favorite - anchovy sauce.

Another Campania classic with a twist.  Ciambotta is a dished prepared with diced summer vegetables such as eggplant and zucchini.  Here Evu adds spring onions from Nocera and lightly sauteed tuna.

In between assaggi, I couldn't help but try some of the goodies in the bread basket, prepared by the restaurant themsleves.  Amidst the breadsticks and freshly baked piccoli panini, I found   appetizing biscuits with salty anchovies baked right in.

At this point, I wanted to stretch my legs and take a look around.  I joined De Martino in the kitchen where he was preparing a couple of pasta dishes that he wanted me to try.

Chef Michele De Martino

First up...
Pasta mischiato delicato with potatoes, anchovy sauce and bottarga.

Then, for spaghetti lovers like me...
Spaghettone with mussels and a creamy potato and pecorino mousse sauce.

I decided to pass on the second course and head straight for dessert.  I wasn't dispapointed.  Chunks of my favorite desserts including chocolate caprese, lemon caprese, and a falvorful sorbet made with lemons from the Amalfi Coast.

So though the weather this past month had been a little cool and grey, the staff at Ristorante Evu gave me a bright tasty colorful vacation.

An #evusummer!

Ristorante Evu
Via D. Taiani, 1
Vietri Sul Mare (Sa)
089 210 4483

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