Thursday, August 28, 2014

Snapshot of the Day - Il Sannio in a Package - Chef Luciano Villani -La Locanda del Borgo Ristorante, Telese Terme (Bn)

I can't resist a plate of pasta, especially one done right.  Like this one placed in front of me last week during a relaxing lunch in the peaceful oasis known as Aquapetra Resort and Spa.  Three little packages arrived at my table prepared by Chef Luciano Villani of La Locanda del Borgo Ristorante.  

The pasta dough was  prepared  the old fashioned way using 30 egg yolks.. Wow.  And inside?  A filling made with Marchagiana beef (Sannio) and onions from Alifie.  A filling that practically melted in your mouth.  Drizzled around my little presents was a sauce made with pecorino di Laticauda Sannita cheese.

Il Sannio in a package...

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