Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fantastic Firsts - Vermicelloni with Shrimp -Cotto e Crudo - Chef Luciano Villani - La Locanda Del Borgo (Bn)

I'm a big fan of long pasta, my favorite being spaghetti.  But at times, a dish calls for something a little thicker to support the sauce and compliment the overall pasta experience.
Like vermicellone chosen by Chef Luciano Villani for his pasta with shrimp -cotto e crudo that I enjoyed during my visit to La Locanda del Borgo.
Cotto in Italian means cooked.  So this pasta nido/nest was swaddled in a savory sauce that the chef prepared using fresh shrimp.

Crudo means raw.  Villani decided to place his pasta nest on a bed of shrimp carpaccio.



Fantastic First

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