Friday, August 15, 2014

Snapshot of the Day - Astrorosa Piedirosso Rosato Campi Flegrei DOP 2013, Cantine Astroni (Na)

It happens often. A late morning, around 10 am,  I find myself at my favorite pescheria to buy a few things for lunch.  I ordered my items, about a half a kilo of clams ...a kilo of anchovies.  While I was waiting for my fish to be cleaned, I began to think about what wine I could pair it with.   This particular lunch called for a neighborhood wine.  One from Campi Flegrei.  

My fish was ready, I headed down the road to my local wine store.  Images of a visit last spring with winemaker Gerardo Vernazzaro to his family's piedirosso vineyards flashed in my mind.  Strong volcanic images.  
I parked, entered and without wasting time I said "Ciao, Antonio - Il rosato di  Cantine Astroni c'e' l'hai?"
He did.  

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