Friday, August 15, 2014

Parapandolo Fishing Km 0 - Punta Campanella (Na)

Mimmo, Gennaro and Tonino

When Mimmo De Gregorio of Lo Stuzzichino Restaurant invited me to go with him to pick up some seafood, I had no idea this is what he meant. 10 am Wednesday morning at the dock of Marina del Cantone, Mimmo introduced me to two fishermen, Tonino and Gennaro.

They took me on the boat ride of my life.  In fact, it was hard for me to stop smiling as we made our way towards Punta Campanella, near Crapolla to pull up their ;hoop nets' which would hopefully be full of what are known as parapandolo, tiny  red shrimp which can only be found in these waters from April to September.

There were 12 nets in all, and as Gennaro and Tonino pulled up each one, it was exciting to see the shrimp flop out into the awaiting container.

Tonino handed my one.
Prova, he said.  Try it!

Sooo fresh!  Just the flavor of the shrimp and sea salt.
That was it.
That was all it needed.

Catch of the day?  about 3 Kg of tiny shrimp.  A specialty that would make their way on tables like Mimmo's Lo Stuzzichino, or maybe Taverna del Capitano on the marina where I first tried this shrimp about a year ago.

Before we head back to the dock, Tonino and Gennaro placed the 12 hoop nets back into the water with a little bait.  They'd be back the next day to check.
Like they have been for the past 34 years or so.

I instead, would be at home, looking over my photos, remembering the breeze on my face, the taste of that tiny shrimp.
And I'd smile.

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