Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Our Daily Bread - Km 0, Sant'Agata Sui Due Golfi (Na)

My favorite bread when I was young was Home Pride Butter Top Wheat Bread.  I remember the commercial, the knife cutting through the loaf..hot melted butter drizzled on the top.  I remember how soft it was, how it lasted for almost EVER thanks to preservatives and all that fun stuff.
Since then, I have become pretty particular about the bread that makes it to my table.  Bread that is made fresh, preferably in a wood burning oven.  Even better with lievito madre, aka sourdough.
Like the type of bread that amico mio Mimmo De Gregorio uses in his family's trattoria Lo Stuzzichino, (recently named La Guida Espresso's Trattoria of the year for 2015!).
So after our morning on a shrimp boat, I went with De Gregorio to pick up some bread at his friend Peppe
s house.  Peppe, along with his wife Pina have an artisan bakery located at their home in Sant'Agata Sui Due Golfi not far from Mimmo's trattoria.
The dough is made rigorously by hand every day.  Then, always by hand, shaped into the various fors required.

After rising the required time, which can vary depending on the humidity and temperature, it is placed in a wood burning oven.

During our visit, Peppe prepared us a loaf of  pannuozo bread.  A loaf of normal bread needs about an hour to bake, but pannuozo, designed to be stuffed with all kinds of delicious goodness.

With our bread in paper bags and seated on the back seat of Mimmo's car, it was hard not to pull over and tear off a chink or two to eat on our way to the trattoria.
Thank goodness the ride to the trattoria took less than five minutes!
It didn't take long for that pannuozo to meet its perfect match.  Lo Stuzzichino's eggplant parmigiana!

All local, all Km 0 ...
All good...

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